Welcome And This Is The Start Of It All

Everyone always asks me why I do not have a site to show what I have done and what groups I am a member I am. So, I finally broke down and made a site.

I have done a few investigative series on a couple of good topics that everyone should know about. I also have written some general articles as well. Writing lets you open up your mind and let the words come out so you can tell the work the story you have learned and/or watch happened before you. I am also a photographer. The camera lets my eyes see the world one click and frame at a time.

There a few companies I work with listed on the site and there may be more but I will try to add them all soon then later.

I am a member of many Associations & Organizations. I do this to show my pride and support for them and myself. Many of these groups supply so much support to all there members and journalist around the United States and the World. Many of them could not do this work without us. Check out their sites and donate if you can and show your support.